Samuel S. Lawrence #721 F&AM
1362 Sandtown Rd SW, Marietta, GA 30008
Regular Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm

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Samuel S. Lawrence #721 F&AM 2016 Officers
Officers are elected by the members of the lodge, although a few are appointed by the Worshipful Master. In most lodges, the officers serve in their positions for one year. The names and duties of the officers are mostly taken from very old customs practiced by the medieval stonemasons' guilds, where Freemasonry originated.
The seven Officers – three principal and three subordinate ones, with an additional minor one serving as a connecting link with the outside world – represent seven aspects or faculties of consciousness psychologically interactive and coordinated into a unity so as to constitute a “just and perfect Lodge.” 
Worshipful Master
Robert Simpson, PM
Senior Warden
Peter Bard

Junior Warden
Rusty Newport, PM
Jim Bard, PM

Dana Schwarz, PM
Harry Nelson, PM
Senior Deacon
Steve Young
Junior Deacon
Jude Gelman
Senior Steward
Philip Zeigler
Junior Steward